About us

Before the war the NGO “Tribune” (Tribuna.doc) was creating video production and documentaries in the natural, social, humanitarian, scientific and other fields. Then and now the NGO Tribune unites and forms an educated, honest, caring, creative audience, which is able to think independently and critically and act responsibly in accordance with the principles of openness, honesty and justice, which are so necessary for the development of an open and democratic society. Our team and our works have been acknowledged in the genre of documentary videos at the local level, it was on all-Ukrainian topics and documenting the successes and problems of other regions:

But in February 2022 Russia has started a war against Ukraine by violating its territorial integrity and sovereignty, the team of the NGO “Tribune” is not sidelined and we have temporarily expanded the range of our activities, we became Tribuna.aid.
We are the group of volunteers from Poltava region of Ukraine, who became volunteers 24 February 2022, the day when Russia bombarded peaceful Ukraine with cruise missiles. Among us there are businessmen, lawyers, doctors and IT specialists. On the day when our country was violently attacked by Russia we started helping everyone who was in need. Other people are joining our volunteer group every day.

Putin’s Russia is killing us and destroying our homes. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians need food, shelter, clothes and medicine. They have lost their homes and are running away from this terrible war.

If you can help by raising the funds or sending humanitarian help to the victims of war – please contact us!