We are the group of volunteers from Poltava region of Ukraine, who became volunteers 24 February 2022, the day when Russia bombarded peaceful Ukraine with cruise missiles.

Among us there are businessmen, lawyers, doctors and IT specialists. We are ordinary people who have no profession during the war. On the day when our country was violently attacked by Putin we started helping everyone who was in need. Other people are joining our volunteer group every day.

Since the start of the war the aggressor has been continuously firing missile attacks and airstrikes on Ukrainian cities. Kharkiv, Sumy and tens of small towns in these regions have been destroyed and ruined. Thousands of people, adults and children are killed by the aggressor in these regions, their bodies are left under the ruins of their houses. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes and move to unknown destinations just having very few personal belongings. There is an endless flow of refugees from Kharkiv and Sumy regions who go via Poltava, some of whom are ill or injured. Having no clothes, petrol, food or medicine they go to the western border of Ukraine to save themselves from the Russian occupiers. Our volunteers help these people as much as they can: they give the information about the roadways and their safety, petrol stations, they offer clothes, food, medicine and a place to stay in Poltava region.

Cooperating with other volunteering groups we help to evacuate people from intensive shelling areas. Poltava humanitarian vehicles drive to Kharkiv and Sumy every day as these regions are humanitarian catastrophe zones. People do not have enough food, clothes, drinking water, medicine. There is no heating and electricity in their houses. Sometimes they have nowhere to live. Tens of thousands of people in Kharkiv and Sumy regions are being bombarded and shelled – either they have no cars or opportunities to leave the war zone or they stay home hoping for the best to protect their homes from Russian marauders.

Poltava humanitarian vehicles bring help to these regions and on their way back they take people who have lost their safe homes owing to the war.

Volunteers find transport and drivers, organize fundraising for petrol and basic necessities for the areas where Russians fire missiles on the homes of Ukrainians.

Some of those who are saved look for a temporary stay in Poltava. We organize the housing, medical treatment and satisfy their basic needs.

Poltava region is the next target for Russian fascists but Poltava is ready to fight. Tens of thousands of Poltava people have joined Ukrainian Armed Forced or regional self-defense groups. Our soldiers lack basic things and protective equipment. We cooperate with other volunteers to raise funds for buying the most necessary things for Ukrainian defenders, whose resistance is respected all over the world.

However, we need help carrying out this mission as our resources and the resources of our friends are fully used. The Ukrainian economy is undermined by the war. During the first days of the war the population and the businessmen have raised huge amount of money for Ukrainian Armed Forced and Defense. Unfortunately, the resources are depleting but the war is continuing. NATO has not introduced a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Missiles and bombs of Russians continue to fire over our heads.

We are running out of money for petrol for humanitarian vehicles and for food. There is nowhere to buy medicines for hospitals where there are hundreds of injured people. We desperately need medicine supply from abroad as well as clothes, shoes, blankets, matrasses, helmets, bullet-proof vests, thermal imager, torches…. the list is endless.

A few years ago some of us founded a non-governmental organization that developed critical thinking and raised public awareness of Ukraine's important current issues through the production of short documentaries.

Today we are changing the focus of the organization to help victims of this cruel war with civil population.

We are launching this project with the hope that the world has already seen the consequences of the Russian fuhrer’s attack on peaceful Ukraine and that people globally will be able to help us to save lives.