Russian missile strikes on Odesa Region on Sunday, 8 May wounded a young woman, damaged civilian infrastructure, and cut off the electricity supply in 6 towns.

Source: Maksym Marchenko, Head of Odesa Regional Military Administration, in a video address

Quote from Marchenko: "From the early hours of today the enemy have carried out a series of missile strikes on the [Odesa] Region.

Our Air Defence Forces managed to shoot down 4 missiles. But, unfortunately, another missile hit a house, wounding a young woman.

An electricity substation was destroyed in Bolhrad District, cutting off the electricity supply in 6 towns. Civilian and other infrastructure facilities in the region have been damaged."

Earlier: Russian troops launched 3 missiles on Odesa at 16:20 on Sunday, 8 May. 1 missile was shot down by the Air Defence Forces, 2 others hit a residential neighbourhood; recreational areas were destroyed.