Russian occupiers tortured and shot a 27-year-old local who joined the Anti-Terrorist Operation [a Ukrainian military counter-offensive against pro-Russian forces in Donbas during 2014-18, now renamed Joint Forces Operation -ed.] as a paramedic in Izium District, Kharkiv Region.

Source: Serhii Bolvinov, Head of the Investigative Department of the Chief Directorate of National Police in Kharkiv Region, on Facebook

According to Bolvinov: "The more our troops liberate the previously occupied territories, the more horrors are uncovered…

The body of a 27-year-old man was found in the village of Husarivka. He took part in the antiterrorist operation in the east of Ukraine as a paramedic.

His body has multiple wounds: his knee and foot have been shot through, he has a traumatic brain injury, and a bullet in the chest that caused his death."

Details: A car shelled by the Russian occupation forces was found on the road between Husarivka and Shevelivka. The car contained the bodies of 3 family members: a father, a mother, and their 3-year-old son.

Bolvinov reported that law enforcement officers are receiving dozens of complaints and evidence of looting by Russian soldiers: "They take everything: from kitchen appliances to cars. And this is just one village."

Earlier, according to Bolvinov, law enforcement officers found burned corpses of Ukrainians, who had first been tortured and then, in an attempt by Russian soldiers to cover up their crimes, dumped in a basement with wood and tires and set on fire.