In a short time, people donated about UAH 650,000 to make bulletproof vests. 245 sets were provided to the military free of charge. Today there is a demand for another 7,000 bulletproof vests

In early March in Poltava, a team of like-minded people decided to organize the production of "armor" for the army and territorial defense.

The process did not stop. Because of our publication and the spread of announcements on social media, there is a tremendous demand for these products. However, advertisements for the sale of these bulletproof vests appeared on the Internet, although the team underlined that they do not sell their products.

Edition "Poltavshchyna" received more comprehensive information from the former head of the Poltava Regional State Administration's construction department, Tymofiy Holban, one of the project's initiators.

Tymofiy Golban:

- In the first days after the beginning of the war, everyone was shocked and thought about how we could help. When we realized that we could set up tailoring and hardening of armor plates (a large number of different people were involved in the process), we decided to give it a try.

Immediately began to do everything for their own money (a team of friends invested 300 thousand of their own), bought the first metal, hardened, shot plates. The troops who helped shoot were pleased with the result. The first batch was distributed on the spot: the first batch - 185 pieces.

At some point, we decided to collect donations and announce our needs. Since then, we have collected about 650,000 hryvnias for all time. After posting on social media - the number of requests is now unrealistic. We decided to send through official letters from military units. Today we have requests for more than 7,000 units of products.

- What do people need to pay attention to to understand your production process's nuances?

- First, the temporary lag from the purchase of metal to the production of the kit - 7 days. Secondly, we have already distributed 245 armor free of charge (confirmation letters, we have started collecting them to streamline accounting). Third, all the money raised was used to buy metal. With our funds (UAH 200,000), we added more to the production of vests.

The most important thing is that the whole business and all the people involved in the process do everything for free and even give their considerable sums of money. Unfortunately, the cost of the metal increased significantly when sellers realized that the demand for it was insane. Therefore, components have increased in price in some cases - more than twice. Today we have debts to suppliers. We will make metal, and then we will think about what next.

- In the network, there were proposals for the sale of bulletproof vests. How to respond to such proposals?

- What is called "sale" is reimbursement of production costs. When metal and fabrics are becoming more expensive and are not available, we continue to produce at the expense of additional investments. Especially since we are improving the product - we add good protection against splinters and a damper on the plate, we change the vest model. Our main task is to provide as much good protection as possible.

Therefore, those who say "sale" do not quite understand the situation. I repeat this is not a sale but a refund. And then, we accept funds from those who can do it. If we are not reimbursed, then production will stop - we will run out of resources.

We handed over 36 pieces to the "Battalion of not indifferent," and they distributed them independently.

It will be recalled that with the start of the war, Olena Zaporozhyan's workshop and the Training and Production Center social enterprise refocused their efforts on sewing bulletproof vests, sleeping bags, and other equipment for defenders.